City of Valdez

New Boat Harbor Development Project
Completed in 2019
Valdez, AK
Project Facts


Full Case Study:

The New Boat Harbor Development Project creates a new harbor basin with accompanying waterfront facilities, for the City of Valdez. As project advisor, Ascent supports the City on the project.

Client Background

The City of Valdez, population 4,000, is in Southcentral Alaska on the northeastern reaches of Prince William Sound. Founded as a gateway to interior gold and copper fields at the turn of the 20th century, Valdez today is the terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. The city’s economy is centered around the oil industry, fishing, recreation and tourism. Its mission is to “Capitalize on the intrinsic qualities of our area and its people; create a place our grandchildren will be proud to call home.”

About the Project

The new, $83M harbor development creates new economic opportunities for the City of Valdez. The US Army Corps of Engineers led design and construction of the breakwater and associated harbor dredging. Phase I of the project, administered by the City, developed usable uplands through extensive cutting and filling and provided utilities and access roads for harbor-related facilities. Phase II, also administered by the City, creates a 140-slip moorage float system for 40 foot to 100 foot vessels, a drive-down float, transfer bridge, bilge-water treatment facility, parking and related recreational and maintenance buildings. Ascent staff have worked on this project with the City of Valdez since 2014 in a variety of roles.

As a small city undertaking a large capital project, the City of Valdez sought additional project management guidance and hands-on support to build consensus for the project, obtain funding, and administer day-to-day program management.

How Does Ascent Help?
As advisors with a long-term history with the project and the city’s agreement with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Ascent offers project support for specific components of the project as needed.

The ability to moor more commercial and recreational vessels in Valdez creates significant potential to strengthen multiple segments of the city’s economy. Outcomes include:

– Increased commercial commerce

– Increased number of vessels able to home port in the community

– Job creation in support of new harbor activity

– Stimulation for tourism and maritime activity

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