Helping you realize your vision

We serve as your advocate and single point of accountability through all phases of capital building programs - from needs assessment, strategic planning and financing to design, construction, and occupancy. To do this, we provide expert program and project management services that are supported by industry leading program and project controls. Our services are tailored to meet your unique wants and needs.

Strategic Consulting

If you would like to get a better understanding of your capital delivery needs, assess risks, or optimize your capital delivery organization before you move forward, let’s start here.

Clients seek our strategic consulting services to support the earliest stages of business planning, master planning and program formulation to ensure a full integrated, overall program or project delivery strategy. In collaboration with our clients, we analyze internal and external risks, review financial models, forecast resource requirements, develop control and reporting systems, and assist in securing the public and private funds to implement major programs and projects.

These services also include organizational development to enhance the Owner's capability and capacity to deliver capital design and construction projects and programs.

Program Management

If you know that you have more than one project to think about, more than one building to build, more than one goal you want to achieve, this may be a more realistic approach to your undertaking.

Clients with multiple projects united by a single business outcome seek Ascent's program management services to bring a level of consistency, best practice and strategy to the way multiple related projects are approached for the same client.

A program focuses on multiple, related projects linked together by a single business outcome. Our program management services encompass the means and methods to define, plan, integrate, implement and manage these projects with overall client ambitions in mind.

Project Management

If you have a specific, single project to complete, we can help you to manage it from inception to completion.

Clients seek our project management services to establish a single point of accountability for the management of an individual project. We build project delivery teams that lead and support planning, design construction and operations start-up activities to ensure all resources are comprehensively scoped, procured, managed and controlled to meet project cost, schedule and quality objectives.

We are well-versed in the best project delivery and contracting strategies and bring this expertise to each client.

Our controls services are delivered as an integrated part of our program and project management services, or as a specialty service for large-scale program management teams.

Program and Project Controls

If you have a large program/project and would like to have 24/7 access to data and improved program/project management delivery, consider our controls services.

Clients seek our controls approach on large, complex construction programs for 24/7 access to data and improved program/project delivery performance. Controls provide the quantitive analytics and related reporting as a fully integrated part of program and project delivery. Our approach to controls is based on combining best practices and expert resources with the use of latest technology. Our controls solutions provide continuous access to data - in a centralized and controlled environment - enabling timely and informed decision making for all stakeholders. Ascent leadership fully-embraces the importance of controls in the work we do.