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Ascent is a strategic program and project management firm.

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We're committed to journeying with our clients to realize their goals as if they were our own.

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Our Services

We serve as an advocate and a single point of accountability to our clients through all phases of capital building programs - from needs assessment, strategic consulting and financing to design, construction, occupancy and beyond. To do this, we provide expert program and project management services that are supported by industry leading program controls.

strategic consulting

If you would like to get a better understanding of your capital delivery needs, or assess specific risks before you move forward with a capital program or project, let’s start here.

program management

If you know that you have more than one project to think about, more than one building to build, more than one goal you want to achieve, this may be a more realistic approach to your undertaking.

project management

If you have already identified a single building that you need to build, or a single project that you need to complete and aren’t sure how you are going to get it done, this may be where you want to start.

program and project controls

Client’s seek our controls approach on large, complex construction programs for 24/7 access to data and improved program/project delivery performance.

Sectors We Serve

  • cultural

    We are trusted advisors to world-class museums, libraries, and performing arts organizations
    aiming to enhance their facilities or create new ones to continue to promote culture.

  • Higher education

    We help campus leadership improve their facilities to remain the ideal
    environments for shaping the minds that are the future of our communities.

  • Healthcare

    We help leading healthcare institutions plan for and build facilities that
    allow them to keep evolving to best meet the needs of their patients.

  • Public

    We are trusted advisors to public institutions focused on keeping their
    facilities up to date and sustainable, for their citizens to use and enjoy.

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Our Leadership

Leif Selkregg

Leif has dedicated his career to guiding boards and c-level executives through some of the most iconic, transformative, and challenging moments in the history of their organizations, as well as their careers.

In the last 35 years, he has helped his clients deliver more than $25 billion in building and infrastructure programs. Widely regarded by clients, architects, engineers and construction companies as an expert in program management, Leif knows that program management is key for leaders undertaking transformational capital expansion programs that exceed the capacity of internal facilities teams.

Known for his intensity, professionalism and facilitation expertise, Leif leads teams that provide the structure, momentum and accountability that enable clients to make informed decisions through all phases of a capital building program. He knows when to lead, knows when to listen, and draw upon best practices from his experience to deliver custom solutions.

Leif has a passion for building industry-leading program and project management firms. Prior to launching Ascent, Leif worked for leading program management companies across the globe and built Rise – a firm repeatedly ranked by ENR as one of the top U.S. program management companies.

cheif operating officer
Mark Atkinson

Mark has built a career out of his passion for helping clients deliver complex programs that transform organizations and communities. Over the past 23 years, he has planned and delivered more than $6 billion in large-scale programs for his clients.

Mark helps clients define and launch programs, providing a strong focus on transformational outcomes. His expertise includes developing and leading integrated client and professional teams that drive high-performing change, program and project management, and ultimately successful business outcomes.

Known for his capacity to assess complex environments and assimilate information, Mark brings a clarity of purpose that drives client programs to success. He expertly helps carve out the path between challenges and solutions, and provides the program leadership and teams necessary to help clients realize their ambitions.

Prior to launching Ascent, Mark worked across the US and UK leading transformative programs both as a public employee and working for leading program management companies.


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We attract people who are brilliant, but also comfortable in an environment where they will continually grow and develop both individually and with the team - we are not looking for those who feel there is nothing more to learn. We are problem solvers who see every challenge as an unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.
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